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  1. The Polcar/AllCar Catalog is the catalog of the official representative of Polcar PPH in Estonia.
The catalog is adapted to the conditions of Estonia, the products and the range are slightly different from the general Polcar PPH catalog. Regional official dealer catalogs are designed specifically for the representative of the country and circumstances of the given country. NB! Packaged products are also different, adapted to the climatic and road conditions of the dealer country! Buying from the official dealer, you get the best products in this area!
AllCar has a unique product quality check, which is more stringent throughout across Estonia; also in the Northern and Eastern Europe region!

The Polcar/AllCar Catalog is designed to familiarize you with the product range, but not for orders. To collect and transfer orders you should go to the AllCar Order Center (Order Module).
  1. AllCar Product Catalog
has been compiled by the regional official representative and integrated into a single system unit; Order Module, Accounting Module and Logistics System. This link to the catalog is publicly available to get acquainted with the assortment products, but for orders you need to register and log in to the Order Center AllCar. At the entrance to the system range of goods becoming much wider, visible recommended retail prices, more product images, product comparison functions, and so on. For legal entities, the necessary part for an accountant (orders, invoices, real-time balance, declaration file 1000 euro, etc.)
Order processing is automated and orders can be sent 24 hours a day. Stocks of products are displayed in real time! Booking products also happens in real time! Please note that when ordering products, they will be booked for you and a pan-European logistics system will be launched. Cancellation and suspension of orders is almost impossible, since the order system is controlled by an automation algorithm (so called artificial intelligence), and people do not intervene here manually. Submit orders only with conviction and boot sure, that you want this spare part, and it fits to the car of your choice. In case of doubt, you can always get technical information from customer support by email or by calling support by phone +372 58503353.
For more complex queries, based on the VIN-code, please send us only by e-mail: 
Please, on operational issues, always call, because there is a queue when reviewing emails!
Have a nice acquaintance with our products!

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